Monday, April 30, 2012


This story is pretty funny, if you are not me, my daughter, my husband, my washing machine or my clothes…..okay maybe it is only going to be funny to you.
On the day this incident occurred, my husband had gone to one of his friend’s house for the evening and left me and my daughter home alone.
I figured I would catch up on some house cleaning and laundry before we retired for the evening. My daughter eagerly helped me for a little while but soon fell asleep on the couch and left me to fill the washer up the next time.
I quickly filled it up and went to wash dishes. I was busy scrubbing a frying pan when a strange aroma hit me. I knew instantly what it was. I dropped the pan and ran to the shelf above the washing machine. To my horror a small bottle with a bright yellow label was not where, it was supposed to be. The house was quickly getting stronger with the smell.
I cringed as I heard the washing machine shift cycles. “Oh please no!” I yelled as I opened the lid and tears sprung to my eyes from the stench that hit me full force from the open lid.
I wiped the tears from my cheeks and stuck my hand into the foaming water in the washing machine.
I quickly felt the bottle and pulled it out. I looked about the laundry room my mind reeling with what I should do as I looked at the small little brown bottle that was going to cause my husband to have a fit of frenzy. I knew he would make me throw all the clothes away in the washing machine if he knew so I made up my mind if the smell came out I would never tell him about it.
I quickly set the now half-full bottle down on the dryer and emptied all the water out of the washing machine with buckets and hauled it outside about a hundred yards away from the house and poured it out. Then I rinsed the washing machine out with vinegar and hand rinsed all the jeans.
After that, I placed all the jeans back in the washing machine, put in a cup of vinegar and two cups of soap. I washed those jeans three times that night and lit every candle in the house to get rid of the smell.
I threw another blanket on my still sleeping daughter and opened the doors and windows wide despite the cold early spring air.
To my luck, he came home about one in the morning and went straight to bed. The next morning I was a little surprised to hear nothing about the smell.
We decided to go out to breakfast that morning and when we came home and opened the door the smell hit us full force. My husband said, “What is that?”
“I don’t know. It must be a dead mouse or something.” I replied. I lit some more candles and within a day or so the house the back to normal.
Since this incident, I no longer keep my coyote urine above the washing machine.


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  1. Say what you want, that stuff works. Stinks like hell, but it works. No more mice in my house. That is a funny story though. The look on your face would have been priceless.