Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Our Muscle Man

              Our muscle man

     You just never know what is going to come out of a five year olds mouth. Expecially, when that five year old is my daughter and follows me around on a regular basis.

     She has taught me to choose my words carefully more than once.

     On this particular story though it wasn’t exactly what I said as much as how she put it together.

     You see it was fall time and we had just pulled the bulls away from my registered cows and doing such caused my big bull to pace the fence wanting to get back to his girl.

     As we were driving by one day my daughter looked up at me innocently and asked inquisitively, ”Mom, why does Muscle Man always walk the fence?” Muscle Man was our bulls name. He was a big black Glebvieh bull who was all muscle from the tip of his nose to his big round bubble butt.

     “Well honey,” I started knowing full well that she could hear the truth and have no problems with it. “He is horny.” She looked at me like I had just made all the sense in the world, I love that look.

     I was feeling pretty good about my explanation until Monday rolled around. As usual I watched the school bus pull in to the driveway and my daughter step off. I watched as she picked up her cat and looked over her shoulder at Muscle Man as he made a lap by the house.

     “Stop being so horny!” She yelled across the driveway. The bull paid her little attention and continued with his path.

     Once inside the house she looked at me with a sly grin. “I told all my friends about Muscle Man today.” My heart sank.


     “Yep and they said they don’t believe I have a horny Muscle Man at home.” She innocently said.

     I about fell over laughing. “And what did you say to that?” I asked.

     “That they were jealous and just wished their mom had a horny muscle man at home, too.”

     “I am sure that was it.” I smiled as every red blooded American woman should have a horny muscle man at home, even if they are just walking her fences.

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